17 September 2009

Banks Peninsula Biodiversity Workshop

On the 8th October from 9am till 7pm there will be a free workshop held in the Gaiety Theatre in Akaroa about enhancing biodiversity around the Banks Peninsula area. The Banks Peninsula Conservation Trust and Lincoln University have assembled a great line up of contributors for farmers and landowners who want to increase the native biodiversity on their properties. The programme features many speakers which much experience in various aspects of monitoring and enhancing biodiversity. Please contact Rachel Barker (rachel.barker@bpct.org.nz or 03 3296340) to register by the 2nd October.


Click the picture for a detailed programme of events.


Unknown said...

My Grandfather had lots of tales to tell about biodiversity. He lived at Church Bay and (from memory) he talked about bats, a pink geko(?), large skinks, weka, kakariki and his sister claimed to have seen a tuatara.

Adrian Paterson said...

Welcome Guber

That sounds great. Perhaps you could contact Mike Bowie (Bowie@lincoln.ac.nz). He might like to hear about this.

Shevonne said...


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Adrian Paterson said...

Hello Shevonne

I'm sure that would be fine. Send to Patersoa@lincoln.ac.nz.