06 May 2012

Anolis lizards invade New Zealand!

....And are promptly poached, apparently.

Last year TVNZ's website had hyraxes invading Ulva Island. TVNZ got the image for yesterday's story about gecko poaching right, but TV3's online editors weren't quite so careful in their use of stock photos. If only the poachers were so clueless.


Also a bit disturbing: when you search TV3's site for "gecko," the poaching story pops up underneath a Google ad link titled "Geckos for sale...."

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Jon Sullivan said...

That's pretty much what you'd expect from a company that uses a Mediterranean native grass as one of the three flowers in its latest marketing campaign,"No place I'd rather be". One ad features flowers of pohutukawa (I'd rather be in New Zealand), another has flowers of flax (I'd still rather be in New Zealand), and one has flowers of the Mediterranean hare's tail grass, Lagurus ovatus, a species widely naturalised about the world (I'd rather be in just about any temperate country in the world).