17 February 2016

New articles on EcoLincNZ

A while back we moved our EcoLincnz blog to a new site. We will look at shutting this site down completely at some point in the nearish future. The new site has a bunch more information about ecology at Lincoln University as well as several new articles.

Don't let the grass grow under you, head over to the new site!
Head over there to see:

Kate Bush and the mongoose: character displacement and release
In which we see that traits change depending on which species are around

Does size matter in restoration?
In which we look at whether restoration areas should be large or small

Ecological restoration is more successful with conflict management
In which we see that science isn't always enough

Gollum and the carpet beetles: One man's meat is another man's poison
In which we look at how aversion to food can be created

Restoration? Yes but to what extent?
In which we have a nice overview of ecological restoration

Who ate all the pies? Density dependent foraging between rats and possums
In which we see that possum control depends a lot on how many rats are about

What do tractors have to do with ecological restoration?
In which we see that all tools can be useful for restoration

Don't let nature do all of the work alone: strategies help natural restoration
In which we see the value of having good goals for restoration

No prisoners! A new toxin for NZ pest management control
In which we see how hard it is to kill them all

More Darwin and the Sandwalk cartoons A, B, C, and D

Concerning hobbits and New Zealand grass grub
In which we see that environment definitely impacts on animal form

Local Heroes: All Blacks and weevils
In which we see that small endangered insects may have a chance of survival

Treeline: Living on the edge
In which we see the why alpine treelines are where they are